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Week 5 Summary

Week 5 Summary - Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 5 Dr...

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Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 5 Dr. Coumbe History 5010 There were definite connections between the Kennedy’s and the Castro’s. Kennedy’s father was a bootlegger, there was speculation that part of their livelihood was eliminated when Castro took power. JFK had a propensity toward assassination. Jones stated he (Kennedy) was fixated on Castro. Prior to his election, Kennedy took a rhetorical cold warrior stance. The relationship, though no friendly prior to the Bay of Pigs incident, certainly soured after the invasion fiasco. Kennedy seemed to be deeply injured from his first major defeat. According to Jones, "President Kennedy quickly regained his hard- lined Cold War composure and joined by his brother in a virtual vendetta against Castro." While there could be personal animosity between the two, many conclude the big picture was Kennedy’s defense of the Western Hemisphere. Jones also described similarities between the two, both were Catholic, intelligent, athletic world leaders. It has been shown that many world leaders attempt to test a new incoming administration.
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