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Week 6 Summary

Week 6 Summary - Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 6 Dr...

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Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 6 Dr. Coumbe History 5010 The Soviets and Cubans were not in a strong relationship prior to the installation of nuclear weapons on the island. Castro was playing both Russia and China against each other mostly because of his two biggest advisors that were in both camps. His brother, Raul (Soviet Union) and Che Guevara (China) were pushing Fidel in separate directions. The Soviet Ambassador was not popular in Cuba and was replaced with the KGB station chief Aleksanr Alekseev. When Khruschev suggested adding nuclear weapons to Castro was for it. The relationship seemed to improve. Once the Americans got wind of the situation and ordered their removal, the Soviet-Cuban relationship deteriorated. Castro suggested the Soviet Union strike first, and Khruschev dismissed all future input from Castro. As Khruschev negotiated a settlement with Kennedy, Castro was not even consulted. In Castro’s eyes, the Soviets were fearful of American might. Castro was upset that Khruschev sent a letter addressed to “Fidel Castro and the Cuban leadership”. It has been proposed that Cuba was just a pawn in a battle between Super Powers.
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