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Week 8 Summary

Week 8 Summary - KGB influence in the Middle East The...

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Thomas Lennemann Summary for Week 8 Dr. Coumbe History 5010 Into the Labyrinth Book Review The book describes the Cold War through its entanglements in the Middle East. The author gives a matter of fact writing style. He details events without endless quotations or statistics. It does not get bogged down with minor details and gives a large overview of the many events that occurred. There was an excellent bibliography. There was only a minor section on terrorism, and no reference to Black September, Entebbe, Mogadishu, the Achille Lauro. This book tended to be a tease into a very unique subject that must have played a major part during the Cold War. The author’s main thesis was that oil played a major roll in US interests in the Middle East since World War II. The author highlights the importance of the Israeli issues for the US. It answers the question, which was more important oil or containing communism. His assumptions are incomplete and there is no mention of the
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Unformatted text preview: KGB influence in the Middle East. The discovery of oil in the Middle East following WWII drew the attention of world powers. The author also mentions how the battle for popular government, democracy vs. communism, played a major role in the developments of that region. The book focuses too much on American interests in the Middle East and not the whole picture. Brand's focus throughout the majority of his work is the Israeli conflicts with the Arabs and the how the United States played a role in the engagements. The title of the book does not live up to the historiography of the work. The author glosses over the Russian/Afghan invasion and the rise of the Mujahedeen. While many people would agree the creation of United States international policy in the Middle East would be analogous to finding your way through a labyrinth, Brand's work only lightly touches on the many precarious issues American policy has dealt with....
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