German Mil Weekly Questions

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Unformatted text preview: Question 1 32 messages - 0 unread Citino ponders the idea of a German way of war. Before you read the book do you think that there is such a thing? Think about this in your answer. If so, which Germany, or which period are we talking about? How should we define the notion of a historical German way of war? Question 2 36 messages - 0 unread Citino claims that two things mark "German" military history from its very onset. The first is the idea of a short and lively and lively war, or "kurts and vives" the second is the notion that Gemany (Prussia) is the power in the center of Europe "die Macht in in der Mitte", which allows them distinct advantages and disadvantages in foreign policy. Can we agree with this notion or does his thesis have flaws? Question 3 31 messages - 0 unread Would we agree that historically Germany (Prussia) has been the leader in operational war and the Bewegungskriegor the war of movement, rapid, surprise attacks, flank or rear, but at the same time has historically been one of the worst nations in military logistics and intelligence? Question 4 20 messages - 0 unread Was the Battle of Fehrbellin, which saw Frederick dubbed the "Great" Elector, and the defeat of the Swedes as important as Citino thinks? Citino argues that Frederick "single-handedly faced the forces of a country that was considered to be a Great Power, perhaps the preeminent military force in Europe, and [that he] had smashed them with ease"? (22) Question 5 17 messages - 0 unread Finally, would we agree that the Auftragstaktik, or flexible command, was created by (or largely by) Frederick? Week 2 Graded Discussion These are the week 2 discussions. Please continue to post until the discussion closes on Sunday night, January 23, at 11:59 pm CT. NO posts after that time will be counted for a grade. Q1 14 messages - 0 unread Q1: Beginning with the Great Elector and continuing with his successors, what changes were made in the military structure that made the Prussian Army a formidable force in Europe? Q2 14 messages - 0 unread Q2: The 18th century was characterized as an era of limited warfare. Is this portrayal just? Is total or limited war based on the implementation of available resources or the ability to exploit them?...
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German Mil Weekly Questions - Question 1 32 messages - 0...

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