Week1 German Military History

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Week1 German Military History German military history as defined by this class begins during and immediately after The Thirty Years War. The Germans have a long and proud military tradition dating back to antiquity. The scope of this class prohibits such a study, but as historians this is something you need to understand. The concept of the Holy Roman Empire dates back to the coronation of Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne, in 800 A.D. This empire united most, but not all of the German states who continually fought each other and foreign enemies for the next several hundred years. Imperial authority, with few exceptions, seemed only as powerful as the emperor and his reach. The growth of large free cities, trade leagues, knightly order like the Teutonic Knights, and powerful princes and barons, questioned the power of the throne as they sought to increase their own lands. The growing power of the Catholic Church also threatened to infringe on the power, not just of the emperor, but on all German nobility. This was not exception,
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