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IvanRivera6-Unit9-MT481-Chapter 24.25

IvanRivera6-Unit9-MT481-Chapter 24.25 - Financial Markets...

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Financial Markets MT481 Brokerage Firms and Insurance Companies Unit 9, Prof. Weaver By Ivan Rivera Chapter 24: Questions and Applications: q. 1, 2, 9 and 10, page 638. 1.Regulation of Securities Activities Explain the role of the SEC, the NASD, and the stock exchanges in regulating the securities industry. When we talk about NASD, this organization has served as the primary private-sector regulator of the U.S securities industry for many years. The NASD has been in control of the activities of around 5,155 brokerage firms, 104,790 branch offices and 659,560 registered securities representatives. Also the NASD has outsourced regulatory products and services to other stock markets and exchanges as well. It has been in charge of granting licenses to individuals and allowing firms to enter the securities industry. The NASD has been responsible for writing rules to govern the behavior of the market participants, examine them for regulatory compliances and also ensure disciplinary actions against those who fail to comply. The organization has been empowered to oversee and regulate the trading in equities, corporate bonds, securities futures and options. They also provide the education and qualification examinations to industry professionals to ensure compliance with the activities The SEC has exclusive jurisdiction with respect to the registration and qualification of certain special securities including those traded on the major markets. The SEC is also responsible to take actions regarding violations of the law.
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2. SIPC What is the purpose of the SIPC?
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IvanRivera6-Unit9-MT481-Chapter 24.25 - Financial Markets...

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