Gender Portrayals in Media

Gender Portrayals in Media - John Moura 10/7/2004 En....

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John Moura 10/7/2004 En. 355:301:16 Prof. L. Lacey Rough Draft Paper #2 Gender Portrayals Used To Sell: Who’s Complaining? Media in our society is one of the strongest influences on our overall self-image. It shapes a pseudo-foundation of social constructs and bases much emphasis on specific roles people take part in. Throughout the feminist uprising, media has been a strong source of discrimination that has been targeted. This comes from the fact that one of the most common tools used to market products today relate to gender. Steve Craig explains the importance of gender economics in, “Selling Masculinities, Selling Femininities: Multiple Genders and the Economics of Television.” The big debate on these issues is the unconstructiveness to which women are not being shown any gratification for progressive involvement in our society. In particular, rap music has stood as a model for addressing the issue of demeaning and degrading women. “No Respect: Gender Politics and Hip-Hop,” by Johnetta Cole and Beverly Guy-Sheftall, illustrate how the lyrics directly attack females. Katha Pollitt, author of “Marooned on Gilligan’s Island: Are Women Morally Superior to Men?” argues against difference feminism, which highly opposes this sexism in media and has women as superior beings, but urges equality feminism. Ultimately, the choices made by the media as to what is broadcasted is based on a group of executives and marketers. Surely, these professionals include women on their team to provide insight of how women think. In fact, women are at as much fault for contributing to this gender focus in our media. I believe that they recognize the fact that using gender portrayals to relate to their consumers provides a direct link to people’s everyday lives and this relationship should not be so held in such a negative light.
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It is in human nature for people to have the need for acceptability and assurance. An individual’s actions directly affect the people around them. In order for people to continue in their positively affecting behaviors, they must have the confidence in knowing that they are, in fact, accomplishing their function of their role in life. The gender roles portrayed on television and commercials depict these functions and focus on presenting these ideas to the public as the norm. It is for this reason that Craig states in his essay, “Advertisers want
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Gender Portrayals in Media - John Moura 10/7/2004 En....

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