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Michele ST.James Key terms CH.8 1. Advance survey: Performing practice exercises or dry runs of an area where a principal will be escorted. 2. Bodyguard: person employed to provide personal protection for another; also called a personal protection specialist. 3. Cellular phone: A portable telephone that uses wireless cellular technology to send and receive phone signals. 4. Chauffeur: A person employed to drive a car or limousine that transports passengers. 5. Counter-surveillance: The practice of avoiding surveillance or making surveillance difficult. 6. Crisis management teams: Team of corporate executive and specialists prepared to immediately deal with threats or actual emergencies. 7. Employee assistance professionals: Professionals who try to prevent employees from being kidnapped or help them survive kidnapping by providing helpful information to the employees and their families.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Executive protection: Program to protect corporate executives or other employees from kidnapping and intentional or accidental injury. 9. Executive protection spet: Persons employed to protect corporate executives or other employees from kidnapping and intentional or accidental injury; could be proprietary or contract employee. 10. Express kidnapping: Kidnapping involving little preparation or planning on the part of the criminal. 11. Kidnapping: The transportation or confinement of a person without authority of law and without this or her consent of his or her guardian, if minor. 12.Kidnapping kits: A safety kit whereby vital information can be stored, which also includes a fingerprint kit and a place to store DNA samples....
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P&PSecurityKeyTermsCH8 - 8. Executive protection:...

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