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Steven Paul 06/20/2011 What’s Up? Chapter 4 1. Physical and emotional well-being is important because they are the foundation upon which you can build specific learning skills. 2. Visual learning- Learning through seeing Auditory learning-Learning through seeing Kinesthetic learning-Learning using the whole body Tactile learning-Learning by doing****** 3. It is important to have a study area because it sends a message to yourself and others that you take studying seriously and you have made a commitment to succeed. 4. You can take advantage of your peak learning time by learning faster and more easily. 5. P.Q.R system of reading Preview-Before reading a new chapter scan the material looking for main points and discovering how the material is organized. Questioning-As you are reading question yourself using the words who, what, where, when, how and why. Review-This helps you remember by organizing and repeating the material using three different processes: seeing, saying, and writing. 6. Two reasons for taking notes on class sessions and reading are taking notes
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Lead1204 - Steven Paul 06/20/2011 Whats Up? Chapter 4 1....

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