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Steven Paul 07/18/2011 Chapter 12 What’s Up? 1. Stress is the psychological and physical reaction that results when a person has trouble coping with a situation, event, or change. 2. The three categories of events that cause stress for most people are major negative events such as losing a loved one, minor daily events like traffic jams, and catastrophic events like major natural disasters. 3. The characteristic that stress-producing events have in common are the feelings we have lost control and cannot cope. 4. The psychological responses to stress are assessing the situation and how are we going to had them. The physical responses to stress include increased levels of stress hormones, higher blood pressure, and faster heart rate. 5. Physical signs of stress include shortness of breath, increased or irregular heart rate, chest pains, and fatigue. Mental signs of stress include negative thought patterns, decreased concentration, and forgetfulness. Emotional signs of stress include anger, frustration, and fear. Behavioral signs of stress include pacing, fidgeting, or swearing.
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Lead1212 - Steven Paul Chapter 12 Whats Up 1 Stress is the...

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