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Steven Paul 08/01/2011 Chapter 14 What’s Up? 1. The five categories of workplace skills are; resource skills, the skill to allocate time, money, materials, space, and staff; interpersonal skills, how you work and relate to others; information skills, how you acquire, evaluate, and interpret information; system skills, how you understand, monitor, and improve systems; technology skills, how you select equipment and tools, apply technology to specific tasks, and maintain and troubleshoot equipment. 2. Career resources that can be found in a school career or placement office are publications covering employment trends, tips on finding a job and evaluating a job offer, and descriptions of occupations. 3. You can use the internet to find career information by search sites that are devoted to general career and job information such as Monster.com. 4. You should keep up with job trends and economic and technology news so you can follow which industries are hiring now and in the future. 5. A resume is a short summary of your experience and qualifications and its purpose is to showcase your past experience and skills. 6. A career portfolio is a collection of documents that illustrates what you have done on the job, in school, or in community service. It differs from a resume in that it includes more in depth information about your qualifications. 7. Three ways to find a job are through networking with others, checking with your school placement office, and checking the newspaper and online classified ads. 8. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to particular employers and entice them to look at your resume and call you in for an interview. A thank you letter serves to demonstrate courtesy and interest on your part and to thank them for their time in considering you for employment. 9. Three things you can do to prepare for an interview are doing research about the company, be
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Lead1214 - Steven Paul Chapter 14 Whats Up 1 The five...

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