Media exists in many forms such as television

Media exists in many forms such as television - beauty....

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Media exists in many forms such as television, films, advertisements, and radio. Daily media images surround us every step of the way from the skies to highways, and from our work to our homes. It’s unthinkable what impact these images play in the lives of many people. Media is a very strong tool to have control of because it has great influence on the mind of the viewer and also sometimes creates norms that society starts to incorporate as
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Unformatted text preview: beauty. Media promotes the young and old to alter their bodies by portraying an ideal body image for men as muscular and women to be thin as being beautiful in todays world. But perhaps society is changing from those views as is evident in the recent . What we need to remember is that beauty is what you feel comfortable with no what others force you to believe....
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