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CONSTRUCTION OF AN ISLAND 8 By Brendan Bambrick,l Member, ASCE ABSTRACT: In January of 1987 work began on one of the most challenging con- struction projects in recent time. The Kansai International Airport Co. is respon- sible for reclaiming 1,263 acres (511 ha) of land in Osaka Bay. The resulting man- made island will be the foundation for Japan's first 24-hr airport. This paper focuses on the various stages involved in the reclamation process. To accommodate the settlement that accompanies most reclamation work, the consolidation of tbe sea- floor was accelerated using three methods: sand drains, sand compaction piles, and deep cement-mixing. The seafloor improvement also enhances tbe stability of the island's seawall, which surrounds it entirely. The construction of this seawall is presented. Furthermore, an enormous amount of fill was used 10 reclaim the land thaI now forms the island, and the procedure for placing this fill is described. Also, some of tbe problems encountered during the construction phase of the project are explored. INTRODucnON In the last decade the use of air transport has grown enormously. This is especially true in Japan, the world's industry leader, where the need to import most raw materials significantly increases its dependency on air trans- port. From 1974 to 1988 Japan's international air transport rose from 150,000 to 1,402,000 tons of cargo (Tohma and Yamamoto 1990). The largest problem facing Japanese air transportation industry is a lack of space. The majority of Japan's airports are in congested urban areas where local officials, in an attempt to reduce noise pollution, impose strict regulations on air traffic. As a result, many airports have restricted operating hours, limiting the number of takeoffs and landings. The situation in the Kansai region of Japan was no different. In 1984, however, after nearly 20 years of thoughtful planning, the Kansai International Airport Co. was formed to complete the construction of a new airport. A location 3.1 miles (5 km) off the cost of Osaka was chosen to allow 24 hr/day operation without creating noise pollution. The Kansai International Airport Co. is a private company receiving two-thirds of its funding from the national government,
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Handout10 - C ONSTRUCTION O F AN ISLAND8 By B rendan...

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