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Experiment Design Outline - - Birdhouses should not be...

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Experiment Design Outline – 10 points Title: The effect of bird house elevation (independent variable) on rate of occupation by birds (dependent variable) 1. Define the problem You decide to inventory the birdhouses in your neighborhood as an after-school project. During this inventory, you locate a total of 34 birdhouses for Wrens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wren), only 14 of which are being used by nesting birds. The others are currently unoccupied. You decide that you would like to know why some of the birdhouses are occupied and others are not. Ask a question or pose a problem you want to solve Question/Problem: Are the bird that aren’t occupied unfit for the birds to use? 2. Collect information - Birds choose houses with the smallest entrance hole that will accommodate their use. Entrance hole for Wren houses are typically 1 – 1 ¼ inches. - Wrens generally prefer to use birdhouses at 6-8 feet above the ground.
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Unformatted text preview: - Birdhouses should not be located in the path of predators or too high/too low on a tree.- Birdhouses are made out of wood, plastic and metal birdhouses often overheat in the hot summer sun and can suffocate birds living in them. 3. Formulate a Hypothesis If ___the elevation of the bird house is changed so that it is not susceptible to predators____(planned change in independent variable), then ___the rate of bird occupation will rise____ (predicted change in dependent variable). 4. Perform an experiment (test the hypothesis)- Independent variable: Elevation of the bird house- Repeated trials: Level 1 (Control) Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 5 ft. 6 ft. 7 ft. 8 ft.- Constants: a) tree bird house is located in b) size of entrance to bird house c) material bird house is constructed from d) size of bird house...
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Experiment Design Outline - - Birdhouses should not be...

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