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Unformatted text preview: C hapter 1 Homework H ints Chapter 1 homework must be completed on-line in Cengage. You will not see the point in your Cengage grade book until the assignment has been graded which will be done manually by Professor Eure. Chapter 1 homework is the only on-line assignment where you will not see if the answer is correct automatically. All other homework assignments will let you know if your answer is correct or not when you check your work. Exercise 1-16 has multiple parts so be sure to address each part in your answers. You will need to answer e ach question and explain your reason for the answer i n order to receive credit for this exercise. Answering “no” or that you “don’t know of any” will not be a valid answer for the last part. You must p rovide at least one example on how to redesign the accounting system in order to receive credit. You should respond as an ethical person would and r elate your answer to i nformation provided i n the text or related handouts posted on TRACS. I f you have any questions related to Chapter 1 homework, contact me as early as possible so i t can still be completed by the due date which is Friday, September 2nd a t 8:30AM. ...
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