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The three best claims for my thesis are that There are statistics correlating the negative effects of drug movies on urban America. Also The Journal of Royal Society of Medicine has claimed that drugs have been shown positively throughout the top 200 movies in a study, and that this influences urban America. Also, President Clinton and other famous politicians have criticized the movies industry claiming that they need to clean up their act, and that their negative influence is effects America. The best claims for my antithesis is that there are no significant statistics, or correctly correlating statistics which can prove that movies with drugs are influencing or
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Unformatted text preview: having a negative effect on urban America. Also, the second best claim for my antithesis is that the JRSM that has claimed the top 200 movies show drugs in a positive light, is a flawed study, because it doesn’t include many aspects that are necessary to make it a valid study. Lastly my antithesis can easily refute politician’s claims that movies need to clean up their act because of their reputation in America and how they need to criticize other industries because of the scandals within politics itself. They also can use their criticism to boost their reputation or seem like their morally good people, when in reality, their often not....
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