Outline for english 3

Outline for english 3 - ethnic groups and cultures with...

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Outline Revised thesis statement : While small towns allow for closely-knit environments for children growing up, they often lack many of the advantages and cultural diversity of large cities. Because of this problem small town schools should fund cultural tour guides through large cities to break racial and cultural barriers that are built from these isolated societies, as well as expose the advantages of large cities. Introduction Topic 1: Why small town schools are at a disadvantage to large city schools because of the lack of racial and cultural diversity Topic Sentence 1: Small towns are great places for families to raise their kids, settle in and make friends, as well as keep their children safe. Topic 2: Differences between large cities and small towns Topic Sentence 2: Large cities are quite different from most small towns because of the
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Unformatted text preview: ethnic groups and cultures, with distinct arts, music, food and values that arrive with each distinct group. Topic 3: How to resolve problems with small towns and large cities and their knowledge of culture through communication Topic Sentence 3: There is a multitude of ways in which students in small towns could enrich their lives by interacting with students from the larger cities. Topic 4: Progression of communication between small towns and large cities and the benefits of communication Topic 4 Sentence: Eventually, this relationship could grow to using virtual meetings, either through videoconferences, or webcam interaction, and finally visiting the other class...
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Outline for english 3 - ethnic groups and cultures with...

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