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Persuasive Essay 1 - V for Vendetta directed by James...

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V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue displays a future Great Britain, stuck in an oppressive fascist government. Using their powerful positions in society, nationalism combined with fear tactics, and propaganda, the political activists in this film generate lies to benefit themselves. Although a government-installed genocide that creates economic and political power may seem far-fetched, it can be very closely compared to other real government issues plaguing our society today. Nationalism and fear tactics used by George W. Bush and the Bush administration to start the war in Iraq closely relate to the manipulation and lies used in V for Vendetta. Nationalism can do many different things to a country. It can create support for a country and rally troops for fighting. It can create ethnocentrism, and hate for other countries. It can also be used to manipulate people and question one’s loyalty to a country, creating corruption as shown in this film. These nationalistic exploits designed to rally the people together are portrayed throughout the film, first beginning with Lewis Prothero, a rich television show anchor who is famous for “England Prevails!” Using his dramatic television show, he accuses all immigrants, Muslims, homosexuals of being
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Persuasive Essay 1 - V for Vendetta directed by James...

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