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management - MEMORANDUM TO Dr Christine Heuring Instructor...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Dr. Christine Heuring, Instructor 1. We discussed and considered the possibility of using a control or a cooperation strategy in our plans to move south of the border into Mexico, but we ultimately decided on an avoidance strategy. Our decision was based on a few important but realistic observations about the political uncertainty of the country. For starters, a control strategy may be useful for a country that seems unwillingly to do business with outrageous trade barriers or protectionism (CONCEPT FROM THE BOOK), but this isn’t the case in Mexico, it is just simply an unsafe environment from the uncontrolled violence-taking place between drug cartels. If the Mexican government were able to control the violence more effectively, then they would become a reliable option that could be considered as a possibility in a control strategy, but at the current time, they are not. The idea of a cooperation strategy
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