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Plato apology Socrates Defense - Oracle at Delphi said that...

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Alex Marcantonio Fellow Jurors and citizens of Athens, I believe that it is wrong to punish this man for his lifestyle and his way of thinking. Socrates truly impressed me with his defense, and I would be devastated to see a man of such great intelligence murdered for an unjust cause. So what if this man charges fees for teaching rhetoric, or does not believe in the same divine matters that we do. This just means the man thinks outside of the boundaries of most ordinary men. It is not just a coincidence that the
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Unformatted text preview: Oracle at Delphi said that he is the wisest of all men. Using his unique philosophy, Socrates presence would continue to serve the state, but by putting this man to death, we make ourselves the villain. We should all save ourselves this atrocity now and end this trial and persecution of this living wise man. Who has came up with these false accusations, Meletus? Should we believe a simply jealous man, fearful of Socrates’ intelligence, or the far more superior man, Socrates himself?...
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