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posi 2 2 - Extra Credit The two topics that interested me...

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Extra Credit - The two topics that interested me this week were the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, and No Child Left Behind. To start, I believe that it is our right as Americans to use Marijuana. If I’m allowed to smoke cigars and drink alcohol until I pass out and choke on my own vomit, why can’t I smoke a natural plant that’s been used since 7000 B.C. Funny how capitalist America managed to make Cannabis illegal, its quite a clever scheme ill tell you, that was driven mostly by corporate greed, propaganda, and to help create more industries which are still successfully thriving today. It’s a very long story but essentially Cannabis was made illegal to monopolize the nylon industry, which hemp (cannabis, marijuana same thing) was in competition against. Not many people know this, but hemp has many other uses like for the cloth, twine, and rope. The other major reason that Cannabis was made illegal was the propaganda by Harry J. Anslinger, a man who helped kick start the Bureau of Narcotics. He
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