OB paper #1 - MAN 6245 Paper#1 Despite the cut back for...

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08-30-2011 MAN 6245 Paper #1 Despite the cut- back for sending people overseas to take advantage of international business, Mr. Robert Thompkins explained the preparation and tactics the company he works for uses to prepare and send its employees overseas. Mr. Thompkins explained that his company usually sends its employees then after five years gives them the option to come back or continue to work for the company internationally. Mr. Thompkins began describing his first overseas experience and assignment to New Zealand for business. To prepare him for this venture the company had a screening phase that lasted several about a year. This phase was to confirm to the company’s leaders he would be capable of taking the pressures and demands that working internationally would cause. This phase included many parties, planned and unplanned, where he would have to show up and was screened by several people. At that time, Mr. Thompkins did not know that he was being screened which was the purpose of the screening phase. After
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OB paper #1 - MAN 6245 Paper#1 Despite the cut back for...

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