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Design Principles

Design Principles - 1 Web Design Principles 9.20.11 I Basic...

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1 Web Design Principles 9.20.11 I. Basic questions to answer a. Why am I building the website? b. Target audience? c. Judge the success of the site? II. Your Goals a. Deliver new customers or more sales from current customers b. Offer better customer support c. Bring good publicity III. Target Audience a. Who are intended readers?’ b. Who are the typical members of your audience? i. Many retail business have their information on their company page ii. Male or female? What age range? Income level? iii. Demographic or lifestyle characteristics iv. That will change the manner of your presentation 1. Wording or vocab or tone c. Why do they come to your site? d. How can you attract them and entice them to return for repeat visits? e. Example i. Fresh Direct 1. Before they opened an online business, did an extensive survey for what the customers would be concerned about 2. Shopping in a local grocery store- can ask butcher what meat would be good 3. Company featured the actual person working in each dept with photo, name, and experience a. Build sense of trust 4. Provide a lot of information that people will often ask at the store ii. Rui Camilo Photography 1. German photographer studio 2. Very different from standard retail website 3. Their clientele includes art directors for advertising companies, people that appreciate the creativity, out of the box approach IV. Common Traits of Effective Websites 1. Easily navigable/ Information and products are effortless to find a. Answer the following navigation questions
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2 i. Where am i? Where can I go?
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Design Principles - 1 Web Design Principles 9.20.11 I Basic...

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