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209 Essay 2 - 1 Growth of Western Culture around the Globe...

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Growth of Western Culture around the Globe Do you think that an environment can easily influence an individual’s personality and values? Does it take time for that person to realize his or her changes? I believe the environment where an individual lives shapes their personality and values. This shaping is a gradual process that often times the individual is unaware that it is occurring. “Trash,” from the essay collection Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora by Andrew Lam the Vietnamese journalist, recalls an experience he had with his cousin. While showing him his alma mater, Lam’s cousin was disgusted with the wasting, he saw. Only after bringing this to Lam’s attention did he realize how much he had changed since originally coming from Vietnam (“Trash” p. 109). People around the world today, especially immigrants like Lam, are realizing that their values and attitudes towards material wealth and traditional customs have been changed. In my opinion, Western culture is changing and replacing cultures across the globe entirely, despite the effect it has on people. Nowadays, Western advertisers are using repetitive catchy themes to get into the minds of consumers, which in turn, is eradicating traditional cultures and replacing them with a new transnational one. According to Noreene Janus’ article “Cloning the Consumer Culture,” transnational firms are investing large amounts of resources into global advertising. Universal advertising themes are aimed at individuals all over the globe, even Third-World nations. Images of wealth and luxury are what impoverished individuals are now associating happiness as (“Cloning the Consumer Culture” ¶ 4,7). These messages are effective in several ways. First, they are economical. Advertisers do
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209 Essay 2 - 1 Growth of Western Culture around the Globe...

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