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209 essay 3 final

209 essay 3 final - 1 Living in the Age of Globalization...

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Living in the Age of Globalization During the 19 th century, the United States was encouraging and enticing immigrants from all over the globe to flock to this newly founded country. Thus, because of the enormous amount of immigration, the United States has become the world super power it is today. What is American culture nowadays? American culture is a conglomeration of various cultures from around the globe. Individuals think the world is becoming Americanized because the Untied States is dominating economically and socially; however, they have not thoroughly examined the full scope of globalization. In the article, “The Global Village Finally Arrives,” Pico Iyer says, “The world will not become America” (par.13). I agree with Iyer’s assessment that Americanization with not devour the world. Although the rest of the world is copying and beginning to look like the United States, by and by, the United States is copying and starting to look like the rest of the world because globalization is rapidly spreading across the world; therefore, the globe will never succumb to Americanization. Practically every country in the world is taking part in globalization and each country is building off one another. In Andrew Lam’s article, “Love, Money, Prison, Sin, Revenge,” he tells the story of four Vietnamese gunmen who take out revenge on society based on ideology learned from Hong Kong films. The Vietnamese people enjoy these films immensely because they embody age-old ideologies through very stylized, over dramatic story telling (p. 55). Such cinemas are an excellent way of getting across ancient traditions and customs to young generations not engaged by reading and oral storytelling. In today’s more technological society children, are now receiving transnational values, for they are getting their social cues from theatrical works. Hong Kong and the United 1
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States are two of the major exporters of cinematic features. The gunmen from the Good Guys’ incident were highly influenced by these popular Hong Kong, Kung Fu and police films. However, these particular young men took these over stylized features too literally, and used their graphic images as the basis for their brutal vengeance. Consequently, countries positively and sometimes negatively affect each other culturally through the
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209 essay 3 final - 1 Living in the Age of Globalization...

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