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Page# Write your paraphrases/summaries from the reading here: Write your personal opinions and thoughts in response here: p. 28 ¶ 1 Modern corporations state that their new mission is not to merely worry about their revenues but society as a whole. Bakan states this new attitude is meant to correct some of the mistakes of the past however, besides that the corporation has not significantly changed since the mid-19th century. It is still a legal person bent on its own self interest. It is this attitude that is the root of the cause according to Bakan that scandals such as Enron are occurring. It is not surprising that corporations are now saying they are socially responsible. For they must appease the public since the entire public could be potential consumers. Also in business word of mouth is as important as advertising so by being socially responsible it might encourage some to buy their particular brand. Though it does not surprise me at all that besides that that corporations have not changed. Since their power has been on the rise for over a century why would they change a winning format? p. 28- 29 ¶ 2,1 Pfizer, founded in 1849, in Williamsburg a small area in Brooklyn. The area has gone through several ups and downs but is now once again beginning to do well in part due to the influence of Pfizer. Pfizer is now the top pharmaceutical in the world. Part of this is due to their social responsibility. Tom Kline a senior vice-president at the corporation is a prime example of this. Bakan presents the reader with his story. Kline is giving a tour of the Williamsburg area where the original plant started. Although his attire is drastically different form that of the others around him since this is a poor neighborhood Kline nevertheless, seems calm and cool greeting and socializing with everyone on the street. Yet, he tells a story of how in the early 1980's he was almost mugged and had to flee and hide in the subway to escape his would be robbers. I knew of Pfizer Inc. but I had no idea they started in New York and have been around so long. The story about Kline and how he interacts with the people in that neighborhood surprises me. I am leery of people that are that rich and appear to get along well and try to relate to the poor. It seems as if they have another agenda. For if Kline was not almost mugged would he have been so anxious to improve the environment around the plant. Just like Bakan has stated a number of times throughout the book corporations are only interested in ventures that will serve them. p. 29- 30 ¶ 2,1 Due to the efforts of Kline and Pfizer the subway in that area is now a safer area. Pfizer has set up security boxes in the subway that are directly linked to the Pfizer headquarters so the security can rush there at the instant of an emergency. In addition, to adding to the security of the neighbor Pfizer has added value by helping to fund a public school in the area and add further value by having employees volunteer as we. Lastly, Pfizer has built a middle class housing development in the area
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Kennedy journal 3 - Page Write your paraphrases/summaries...

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