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Page# Write your paraphrases/summaries from the reading here: Write your personal opinions and thoughts in response here: p. 46- 47 ¶ 2 Hank McKinnell, Pfizer's CEO wants his company to do the most for people compared to any other company out there. But even McKinnell admits that the reason for all the philanthropy is merely to aid the corporation. In the words of McKinnell in order to attract the cream of the crop in potential employees Pfizer need to be safe thus, they have the subway security system. Even the school that Pfizer funds is a long term investment since they need competent employees thus by training them early they have a better group of potential personnel from which to select that are trained in the proper fields. Even the most socially responsible company out there Pfizer admits that it is only doing all of these good deeds for its own benefits. While now that I know the law and corporations it is not surprising to hear Pfizer's CEO's statements. However, I do wonder how the public would react to his statements? Would they feel that since this ins not genuine good intentions and there are hidden self interest involved would people be as quick to praise Pfizer? Knowing corporations law binding obligations I do not believe it detracts from their deeds. What makes corporations bad in my opinion is not their nature since they are a business its the fact they are legal people. p. 47 ¶ 1 McKinnell even says that their drug giveaway programs are to the benefit of Pfizer. Since the marginal cost on their drug production is so low giving away drugs to individuals that wouldn't even buy them in the first place doesn't really cost much. But it provides a lot. The goodwill generated form such ventures is amazing. Doctors are extremely impressed which is good since they are the main party that deals out Pfizer's products. Plus it boots employee morale. Employees feel they're doing something important thus, they work harder, stay at the job longer, and are basically happier. Which adds value to the company since their workers are content and proud the feel motivated to do better and be efficient and effective. Again a wise move on Pfizer's part. But also it really makes you wonder about the cost of drug production. Are the prices high due to fixed costs, or R&D of making the drug since marginal cost is so low? Or is it simple gouging? The point about doctors also is excellent since the majority of drugs are not over the counter. Plus it goes to prove what they have been saying for years that if you are satisfied with your job then you will work harder at it. Plus this is only further proof of the underlying greed of corporations and their own self centered nature. p. 47-
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Kennedy journal 4 - Page# Write your paraphrases/summaries...

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