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Page# Write your paraphrases/summaries from the reading here: Write your personal opinions and thoughts in response here: p. 85 ¶ 1 Corporations seek to remove any barriers that stand in their way. This means the environment or any laws that protect the common man. As a result over the past 2 decades, laws have been losing their ability to aid and protect due to corporations sly lobbying and smooth public relations. However, this is not entirely new to the corporate world in fact once they schemed to over throw the President Roosevelt. It is simply astonishing and perplexing how much clout corporations have over policy making. The fact that they are able to railroad such massive loops wholes through simply boggles the mind. Also it is amazing how corporations could plot against the president and yet the institution still remains today. I wonder why would the plot against a one of the most famous presidents and the only one to be elected four times. p. 85- 86 ¶ 2 Soon after becoming president in 1933, Roosevelt enacted the New Deal a stringent set of rules to regulate huge corporations and banks. He felt the only way to end the Great Depression was to eliminate the invisible hand of the market and replace it with the government's. The new set of reforms were meant to better protect the average worker and investors. Roosevelt along with several other business leaders felt this strong government intervention was necessary to save capitalism. Since corruption was rampant throughout the economy and collapse was eminent it was the only choice. Yet, some were infuriated and planned to overthrow the government feeling they overstepped their bounds. I know some about the Great Depression and from the nature of corporations as Bakan has presented them the New Deal was necessary. Corporations have always been power hungry so the need to reign them in is evident. Labor was an atrocity which was needed to be fixed. I can understand certain business people being upset and feeling they are going to loose control yet to plot to take over the government is extreme. Such a plot occurring in modern U.S. history is very surprising and unexpected. Obviously they did not succeed but I wonder how close did they come to their goal? p. 86- 87 ¶ 1, 1 In 1934, a mere year after Roosevelt's inauguration in the Bellevue Hotel Smedley Darlington Butler a former USMC general, a highly decorated and honored man met with Gerald MacGuire and World War I veteran. MacGuire was sent there by business men to ask Butler to get an army together take over the country and make himself a fascist ruler. At that time fascism was attractive to businesspeople especially since the Great Depression brought on class hatred especially form the White House. Herbert Hoover and Laird Goldsborough a producer of Fortune magazine praised Mussolini and Hitler thinking the New Deal was destroying capitalism.
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Kennedy journal 6 - Page Write your paraphrases/summaries...

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