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response 1 - toward the true minorities the white...

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“A Talk to the Teachers” an essay by James Baldwin directly attacks the institution of education and society. Baldwin states that since man is a social creature he needs society yet it is this same society, which is holding back education. Baldwin suggests that educations ideal goal should be to create independent thinkers, which challenge the framework of the society in which they live. However, if this were to occur in actuality that society would cease to be for that enlightened individual would then try to correct the injustices of their flawed society. Instead, how education is geared to perpetuate the flaws and desires of the society. Baldwin uses the Third Reich as an example stating that all the children educated during that time were taught how to successfully contribute to the Third Reich and the war effort. This is true of all societies even forty years after this essay was written. Education in the United States is geared
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Unformatted text preview: toward the true minorities the white aristocratic class. While society is keeping up appearances by intergrading schools and allowing individuals of different incomes to interact together it is still clear that the higher income individuals are favored. The activities and even the text are more inviting to them whereas there is little to no contributions or credit given to the colored members of society thus preparing the white superiority in the country. The society is actively putting down individuals of color specifically blacks who whites have feared for generations. While they are not as actively doing this to the degrees of Jim Crow and during the Civil Rights rebellions of the 1960’s this is still occurring and will continue to until education is able to run its proper course....
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