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Mary C. Waters discuss the problems of symbolic ethnicities in “Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only!” Another of the privileges that white individuals have in the United States is the ability to take on symbolic identities of their ancestors on their own choosing. These symbolic identities mean little for most that take them on while they undoubtedly have the ancestor they are judged no differently than before. Perhaps they are even more revered since they know their ancestry. However, it is not the same for individuals of color for their ethnicity is thrust upon them. Since their physical appearance differs greatly from the individuals in power no matter how successful they become in this country they will be forever reminded of their ethnicity. It is an inescapable trap, which is systematically placed upon, and them and reinforced by racial sterotypes. Also these symbolic identities lead to further misunderstanding in the area of
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Unformatted text preview: racial discrimination. Since many of the individuals who claim symbolic identies such as Irish were discriminated against they feel that the others can rise up against it and there is no need of such programs as affirmative action. However, they fail to understand that due to their color and the raising immigration of other racial groups immigrating to the United States that were not white they were merely accepted due to the whites focus on the new treat. For in the area of race in America different beliefs are not as important as the color of one’s skin and design of facial features. Since this is such an ethnically diverse country there is no need to get on other whites due to their background and due to the symbolic ethnicity they now have a new weapon on which to fight the racial battles....
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