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Bill Fletcher Junior’s speech “Black Studies and the Question of Class” discusses the origins and current state of Black Studies in the United States. The purpose of Black Studies of the United States is to give a better-rounded view of history in this country. In addition, in the greater scheme of things to incorporate the facts of how African Americans fit into the society of the United States. However, Black Studies are in a difficult position now due to the conflicts arising within the field. A consensus needs to occur for if the scholars of the field are not united in their cause for if they are not they will not be able to achieve their goal. Fletcher argues that one of the problems is that Black Studies does not focus on the contributions of the working class of African Americans. That their hard work has greatly contributed to the society as a whole and is
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Unformatted text preview: greatly ignored by the field Fletcher believes that since this conflict is occurring now is the time to redefine Black Studies. Now Black Studies can get back on its original course that it was set when it was created in the late 1960’s. People need to quit going out on different tangents and agree on the way and focus that Black Studies should take. In my opinion the Afrocentric's should be set to a rest since Blacks in this country have been so long separated from Africa they can no longer have any true ties to the people except in some ways physical appearance. In addition, I agree with Fletcher that more emphasis should be put on the working class Blacks since as a whole, that is what the majority of Blacks do and they contributed and continue to contribute to United States society....
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