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Elaine H. Kim’s article “Asian Americans: Decorative Gatekeepers?” discusses the role that Asian American’s will have in the twenty-first century. Kim discusses how after World War II the attitude toward Asian Americans changed greatly. While whites were still racist towards them, a new type of racism emerged one of affection the birth of the “model minority” stereotype. A problem that remains in the fight against racism is other people of colors inability to work in a coalition with Asian Americans. For the stereotype of Asians being untrustworthy aliens is still embedded, into to the minds of many people of color, just as sterotypes of Blacks and Latinos are embedded into the minds of Asian Americans. The problem with modern America is that the old paradigms of race used in the nineteenth century are still being applied today to a world that is
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Unformatted text preview: completely different. For, the idea of assimilation were not used on immigrants of color for they cannot assimilate into mainstream white society and not because of their culture, religion, but their physical appearance; for all the groups of individuals who differ in physical appearance from whites will face this difficulty. However, since whites keep enforcing the sterotypes of race into mainstream media all of the non-white racial groups are forming these ideas and are unable to fight united against the racial struggle. Thus eternally keeping Asian Americans as the gatekeepers and model minority, prizing them above all other minority groups, and making them despised by the others, and in many cases giving Asians Americans a smug since of superiority even though they are being held in their own place....
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