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In Robin Kelley’s piece “The Negro Question: Red Dreams of Black Liberation” it lays out the path blacks took to make the black movement of the today. In the early days, blacks were heavily associated with the communist party however; this is none too surprising the two are after a similar goal except they have different vehicles on which they feel the fight should be fought. While black’s goal is to achieve racial equality, the communist believe that the more important thing is to fight the economic battle of the classes. Blacks do fit in to this being that they are usually in the working class however, overtime they left the communist, and starting the black’s movement of the 1960’s. Before that, the government had felt that the greatest threat to the nation was
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Unformatted text preview: communism. However, it could be merely that with the blacks being the second largest group to whites at the time backing this could be a threat to capitalism. However, the blacks never had any such intentions hence they left the movement and started their own which became the focus of the government in the 1960’s. While this movement presented nothing to oppose control or change in the government, it meant to do away with the racist institutions still in place such as segregation and Jim Crow. The government felt this was more of a threat due to the change in the balance of races, which would lead to new institutions and change in society....
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