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“The Police and the Black Male” by Elijah Anderson relates how black men are persecuted by the police. Due to the influence of the media, Whites as well as many other non-blacks are targeted believe these sterotypes and Blacks are targeted police. Whites have been afraid of Blacks since their numbers began to increase during the times of slavery. Even after they were freed and did not rise up against their former masters, the fear and hatred continued and manifested itself in the form of Jim Crow. Due to the fear that is instilled in the public, the police acts on this by racial profiling. These sterotypes are perpetuated by popular culture while its intent is to entertain and share bits of their culture these message are misconstrued. Children of white suburbia listen to and watch black media and their parents are appalled by the messages in the songs and thus assume
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Unformatted text preview: that all Blacks are violent. This leads to Blacks having to dress more conservatively to try to escape the sterotypes of the time. While to some degree this will cut down on some of the racial profiling, it will not change their color and the police or another branch of bureaucracy will eventually discriminate against them in one way or another. However, by taking on another guise this often causes problems within their own social group. For many feel that by changing their dress and speech they are selling out and conforming to what Whites want them to be. This in turn leads to more violence within the Black communities and is harped on by the news media, which in turn is viewed regularly. Even when Blacks conform one way or another they will be damned....
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