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critical note 1 - This is a wise move for the retail giant...

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Chapter 2 suggests the “Doing First” method. This method is pure creative thinking when no other action is available or foreseeable Henry Mintzberg and Frances Westley suggest this course of action. However, this is unadvisable since no knowledge backs up these decisions. . Creative thinking is when “the thinker does not take a valid step, but takes a leap of imagination, without being able to support the validity of the mental jump […] a person abandons the rules governing sound argumentation and draws a conclusion that is not justified based on previous arguments” (De Wit and Meyer, 59). This is an extremely risky way of strategically acting. While it has the remote probability of paying off it is more likely that they will fail since there is no data to properly back such a decision. If this particular company were in the head of its field this would be an extremely unwise decision. Wal-Mart the retail giant recently announced they would be opening small markets around San Diego as well as various places in Arizona (Birchall, 17).
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Unformatted text preview: This is a wise move for the retail giant for they are expanding into a field they have great competency in; additionally this move will help them to catch up with competitors like Tesco who are pecking away portions of their market. Wal-Mart made a logical sensible move for by thinking creatively they could have easily expanded into territory that could damage them financially which has happened before. Thus, creative thinking should only be exercised in caution or in dire situations when there would be no greater loss in making an unwarranted decision however, it should never be pure creative thinking. Therefore, Wal-Mart is not merely doing first since they are not opening these stores everywhere they are being logical in their new strategy. Birchall, Jonathan. “Wal-Mart takes on Tesco’s US chain.” Financial Times . 9/10/2008 De Wit, Bob and Meyer Ron. Strategy: Process, Content, Context an International Perspective . 2004....
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