1 Summary - 1 Summary: The world is becoming universal due...

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1 Summary: The world is becoming universal due to the West’s influence. Advertising, western symbols are now seen worldwide and the common culture is being brought over with them as well. This is not just a random set of events this has been brought about by immense long-term investments by transnational firms. Thoughts: It is incredible how culture is becoming more common across the globe. While in many ways this is good bringing the people of the world closer together in ideas and culture at the same time it is sad. For in this more universal world portions of the unique cultures that once made the world are now being forgotten. 2-4 Summary: This common culture is the effect of similar products and advertising strategies. Advertising relies on heavily on repetitive and catchy themes, which is one of the major reasons for the rapid widespread transnational cultures springing up across the globe. These common Western symbols are thought as being trendy and modern. This message is send to many new is good old is not thus, stamping out many local cultural differences. Thoughts: It is amazing how strong of a force, advertising is since nations are discarding their traditions and cultures for what is in. While the common themes are good, they send imperialistic impression to the rest of the world. In addition, people are forgetting classic traditions, there has to be some happy medium between new and old being able to combine the best aspects of both without loosing either. 5-7 Summary: The strongest and most economical tool at advertisers is worldwide advertising. Thus, even poor farmers in Guatemala are flocking around the television set to see commercials
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1 Summary - 1 Summary: The world is becoming universal due...

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