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Eight at Eight 1. The threat of new entrants: Strong There are limited entry barriers, low setup cost and low customer loyalty among dating service industry, which encourage new entrants. 2. The bargaining power of buyers: Medium Because there is not likely that large buyer groups would appear in this market, buyers don’t have the power to actually affect the price. However, since the price for dating service is decreasing and the number of dating service providers in the market is increasing, people expect to pay less for the service, which eventually will force down the price. 3. The bargaining power of suppliers: Low
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Unformatted text preview: Not much supply is needed for dating service companies; therefore, the price pressure from suppliers is relatively low. 4. The threat of substitute products and services: High Online dating service is emerging because the setup cost for websites is low and customers found them easy to use. Hundreds of match making websites were registered everyday, which could harm eight at eight greatly. 5. The intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry: High Since the number of providers is increasing greatly, companies are investing more money on advertisement and adding more value to the service....
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