Eassy 1 perfume dreams

Eassy 1 perfume dreams - Inside and Outside Perfume Dreams:...

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“Inside” and “Outside” Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora a collection of essays by renowned Vietnamese journalist Andrew Lam that give his impressions of America from the view of a refugee. Lam born in 1964, came to the United States after the fall of Saigon and graduated from University of California, Berkeley his essays have been published in several famous periodicals and he is a writer and editor for Pacific News Service . “Child of Two Worlds,” shows the drastic differences of the home and school lives of Lam that he calls his “Inside” and “Outside” worlds. The “Inside” world is home where nostalgia of the past binds him along with strong Vietnamese customs. The “Outside” world, school and the rest of the non-Vietnamese community by contrast is where Lam is free and open. Lam, as a child has a difficult time adapting his behavior between the two different worlds. Lam obviously prefers the outside world to his home. “Inside,” life is the direct contrast in everyway to the “Outside” world. As a child living with two refugee families, all of the conversations are about Vietnam, filling the air with nostalgia of things that were lost. His father tells and retells war stories in a vain attempt to regain his past glory (p. 6). This is extremely depressing for Lam to see; the individuals he once looked up to and admired are now weak and helpless spending all their time brooding over their losses. This is the catalyst for his rebellion and hatred for his family and especially his brooding war torn father. Instead of instilling Vietnamese values in him by having their secret Vietnamese society, Lam’s family members alienate him to the culture. Going to America gives Lam and his family a second chance to rebuild their lives. Although they came to the United States to escape oppression, it is nevertheless a
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Eassy 1 perfume dreams - Inside and Outside Perfume Dreams:...

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