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ENG 310 Essay 2 - 1 A new trend of social responsibility is...

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A new trend of social responsibility is raging through the corporate world. However, by law corporations are responsible only for their shareholders. The bottom line of every corporation is to increase shareholders’ equity. Therefore, sincere social responsibility is impossible, it goes against the corporate code and their psychiatric make up that Joel Bakan’s book The Corporation, describes as psychopathic. Corporations from time to time will be socially responsible; however, it is never sincere. Their motivations may be to create goodwill, better their public image, or to go with current trends but each of these betters the corporation and is the only reason they did anything socially responsible in the first place. Corporations’ purpose is making profits and looking out for the welfare of the corporation’s stakeholders no matter the consequences it may have on society. Recently, many corporations have involved their selves in philanthropic activities known today colloquially as corporate responsibility. Prior to the modern liberal craze, that has swept the nation corporations were freely altruistic, but most did so under the table. Then, typically, the goals of these philanthropic acts were to make money however, recently “good deeds’ have taken a more front line in corporations’ general agenda. Today, however, corporations are constantly branding their selves as green, environmentally friendly; they go out of their way to show the public their generosity. Obviously if these were purely benevolent acts corporations would not be so anxious to parade them around, no, there are clear ulterior motives in play here. Even to the casual observer it is apparent that corporations are attempting to sway public opinion and create goodwill. However, many times these pseudo-altruistic acts are at the unknowing 1
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expense of the public. Take for example Pfizer, one of the most supposedly corporate responsible firms around today. Pfizer has a program where they donate drugs to developing countries, which on the surface appears to be not only socially responsible but
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ENG 310 Essay 2 - 1 A new trend of social responsibility is...

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