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In John Tierney’s article “Capitalism with a Heart,” he speaks with Whole Foods co- founder John Mackey. Mackey believes that the reason corporations are seen as terrible is their justification for their philanthropy. They only pursue such ventures when they benefit the corporation for instance generation goodwill for the majority of corporate moguls their bottom line is increasing shareholders profits (Tierney, 2006). According to Baker’s article “Chevron’s Links to Burma Stir Critics to Demand it to Pull Out,” Chevron has been trying to build up its sources of oil and natural gas in Asia where there is a current spike in the demand for energy. However, Burma is not the only time that Chevron has worked in unfavorable conditions. Many times in the past they have dealt with countries in political turmoil or one’s that are at ends with the U.S. This has brought their actions up for questioning more than once for instance, when they were working in Nigeria. They were accused of hiring soldiers to kill locals and decimate their
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