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Compassionate conservatism has been an abysmal failure in Washington; but derived from this is a new trend of compassionate capitalism, which is sweeping the country. Repeatedly financial moguls have found that only after purging their selves of business senses only the are their good-natured sides revealed. Andrew Carnegie and others made their immense fortunes and then gave them away but today’s moguls are taking another path. Google’s founders for example are already pursuing several entrepreneurial activities and even created a for-profit organization. To many liberals this appears to be an allegory, and they scoff at this idea and its parting from traditional entrepreneurial practices. However, liberals are not the only leery of this new agenda; conservatives believe this is similar to the “corporate social responsibility” which corporations use to appear that they are “with it.” Google’s executives are not the only
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Unformatted text preview: mixers of compassion and capitalism, John Mackey of Whole Foods is a prime example. Mackey, a boy scout in every sense of the word is passionate about many of the hot topics of the day but the dilemma of showing people his true sincerity has arisen. Mackey realizes that corporations have a bad image imbedded into the publics mind. Corporate agenda is to increase shareholder wealth thus, the reason for most philanthropy is clear. Mackey feels this does not have to be, thus he along with Google set aside funds before they went public in order to help and still meet the obligations required of corporations. Now corporations are using their influence and the capitalist way to aid humankind. Google.org and others are the epitome of compassionate capitalism sweeping the nation....
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