eng final - California was once a silent and an unheard-of...

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California was once a silent and an unheard-of place. The gold rush era started after John Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848, this in turn made California popular. It has become a place where people are expected to be successful and wealthy. For this reason, individuals seeking gold from all over the world came to Sutter's Mill to pursue their dreams. However, many of them found that their dreams did not come true. In fact, they had to do lots of hard work that barely led to financial success. Was California a fantastic place? Could everyone have an opportunity to be successful and rich? Did the “California Dream" truly exist or was just a legend, there is no doubt that there were many successful gold miners in California; but, there also were many sad stories hidden behind the “California Dream" that so many people had. The dream and choice to shape their destiny promised too much and caused many people to become disappointed and they eventually it failed to match the reality of California was truly like. The common conception of California is that it is the state to come to where your dreams will come true. Tens and thousands of people come to California legally or illegally every year. People come to the state for variety of reasons. They heard enough stories that they truly believed that California is the place where fantasies become reality. They see the golden state as the land of better economic opportunities and a better
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eng final - California was once a silent and an unheard-of...

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