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The Rising Power of corporations Since corporations first emerged in the late sixteenth century, their economic power has been continually increasing until today and gradually they have dominated the whole economic society and people’s lives. Unfortunately, at the turn of the twentieth century, the society and government started being enraged and frightened by these business giants because many corporations were merging and becoming huge ones. In the article, “The Corporation’s Rise to Dominance”, Bakan examines the history of corporations, and describes why they became so powerful. I agree with Bakan’s assessment that the economic power of corporations has been growing dramatically but negatively. Ignoring fear and bad sentiments towards corporations grew rampant throughout the society, I believe that because of the closer social relations with the public, new globalization trends and the technological innovation, the dominating power of corporations have been rising and they become extremely powerful. Corporations have built a close social relationship and responsibility with the
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essay1_corporation_1st_draft - The Rising Power of...

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