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While there are several economic and cultural advantages to introducing strong United States, products to developing nations there are also many disadvantages. Introducing strong United States brands to developing markets can give firms a first mover advantage and thus increase revenues for that firm. This in turn is good for both the developing economy as well as the United States. By taking a strong firm to developing countries this is an excellent example to economies that are starting up furthermore, it increases the profits of both nations. In addition, it can benefit the nation by giving them well-established products they can share the benefits of developed markets and with certain brands becoming more international it leads to a more universal culture. Despite all these advantages there are several disadvantages to the introduction of
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Unformatted text preview: strong brands to developing markets as well. Many developing nations are resistant to United States brands entering their country. They have strong loyalties to the values of their own nation and many times have well-established industries in place already. Therefore, when strong U.S. brands enter these countries, they end up monopolizing the market due to their modern marketing approaches overwhelming the local industries. In turn, the local industries cannot compete and many are eventually run out of business. This causes resentment towards United States and other developing nations will find entering such countries can be difficult. In addition, if one country in a region begins to resent a developed nation it can spread to other nations in the region....
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