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In China I was an elementary school teacher of Mandarin Chinese however, my father, brother, and I decided to come to the Untied States in an attempt to gain a better life for ourselves, and the rest of our family still in China. My stepmother remained in China with my younger sister. Unfortunately, a short while ago it was discovered my mother has breast cancer, for which she is currently being treated. It excruciatingly difficult being so far away from the rest of my family especially, my mother who is extremely ill and needs my help but, I know that by staying here and getting a proper education I can better provide for her and the rest of my family. At times, it is difficult adjusting to the cultural and language changes however, I continue to work hard to improve my English and learn more about the rich and diverse American culture. This is my first semester at San Francisco State University and I am currently a
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Unformatted text preview: junior majoring in accounting. Presently, I am employed at a restaurant to help support my family and pay for my tuition; however, I still attend school fulltime. Even though I have been in the United States for five years English is still very difficult for me. At times fully understanding professors in class can be quite an arduous task. Despite these difficulties, I still am able to maintain a GPA of 3.18. Although supporting my family and taking challenging courses at the university at times can be a daunting task, I continue to persevere and meet every challenge that comes my way. I believe that I meet all the requirements for the Leona Bridges Scholarship and getting this would give me more time to work on my studies instead of always working since the funds from the scholarship would alleviate my finances....
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2011 for the course ENG 310 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '11 term at S.F. State.

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