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Par. # 1 2 3 4 Notes on reading Iyer begins by giving a run through of the of a typical person is a modern typical city. There, there are many options to choose from each having to do with a different culture. The food, language the news and other events are broadcast in, people around him all have to do with various cultures and regions. As it turns out even though Iyer is being bombarded with various cultural aspects, he is not in a large city but instead, a regular town in Southern California. Yet, when Iyer travels to various metropolises across the globe, he notices how much they are beginning to look like America. However, at the same time America is beginning to appear like the rest of the world. Iyer says that the old saying, “what is in California today is in America tomorrow,” is holding true more so than ever. The world has significantly changed. Now specific cultures are not as important since a new multicultural world is forming. Words are becoming universal “taxi,” “disco,” even symbols are becoming international such as Burger King. However, the U.S. is not the only one making these international symbols and local cultures are not completely gone. Look at the Burger King for example serving specialized dishes for certain markets. All over the globe ethnicities that were not present in certain areas before are appearing there now. Even in Japan, a country that prides itself on its homogeneity now has numerous other people of various nationalities dwelling there. Personal Ideas My day is similar to Iyers. I have several choices of ethnic cuisine from which to choose. Television here in the bay is broadcast in several languages. In addition, at school people are speaking various languages and dialects studying a variety of subjects. The world today is indeed a constant meshing of various local cultures. Iyer is correct about cities. Large metropolises and even smaller cities are all over the globe beginning to look very similar. The basic plan and even stores are now becoming extremely international. In addition, the California adage is also becoming true. Now foreign languages are being taught in even the most remote and
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village notesdoc - Par 1 Notes on reading Iyer begins by...

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