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John Moura European Global Expansion October 1, 2007 Professor Smith Essay 1 Throughout history, it is common to have two sides, or different views, to every story. With any story of conquest, there will always be a group victors, and a group of vanquished. The conquest of Mexico provides the history of two societies with differing accounts. On one side, Hernan Cortes, the conquistador of Mexico, justifies his actions through accounts of his expedition. In his personal accounts, as well as those of other Spaniards, he conveys himself always in a positive light and ensures his mission of spreading Christianity. Conversely, Nahua accounts shed new light from the perspective of the people of Mexica. Their inconsistent views of each other provide an interesting contradiction, which we much investigate further. It is important to examine the sources of the documents we study. We look at the views of the indigenous people through the reports of a Spaniard, Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, and his collection of interviews with anonymous Mexicans some thirty years following the conquest. The accounts from the Spanish are studied through Cortes’ letters to King Charles V, Diego Duran, Bernal Diaz, Andres Tapia and other Spaniards —all of which have some variation. Upon reading the different accounts of the two sides, a major inconsistency occurs at what we now call the Chalula Massacre. Andres de Tapia’s account of this event is provides us with great detail of the Spaniards’
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Essay1 - John Moura European Global Expansion October 1...

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