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AEHsylFall2011 - American Economic History Economics 305...

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American Economic History Economics 305 Fall 2011 Index #51606 Section 01 - TF2 Freylinghuysen Hall A6 Section 02 - TF3 Murray 210 Prof. Hugh Rockoff NJ Hall 209C E-mail: [email protected] (This is the best way to reach me) Homepage: http://www.econ.rutgers.edu/home/rockoff Office Hours: 4:00-5:00 Tuesday and Friday, or by appointment Sakai: for syllabus, announcements, etc. Prerequisites : 220:102 and 103, or 200. You should be able to use supply and demand diagram to analyze the effect of a tax on price and quantity. You should have an understanding of producers surplus and consumers surplus, and the quantity theory of money. Learning Goals : This course surveys the economic history of the United States from colonial times to the present. The text provides a broad outline of general trends and key developments; the class lectures provide a deeper analysis of some of the key events, emphasizing the application of economic analysis. Topics that are important for understanding contemporary economic problems – the impact of technological change, war, and monetary policy, the role of the federal reserve in economic crises, among others – will be stressed. The goal of the course is to increase your knowledge of American economic history and to improve your ability to think critically about the "lessons of history." Most of the lessons dealt with in this course concern public policy. For example, how do we evaluate the claim the United States should go back to the gold standard because the world's monetary system worked well from 1897 to 1914, the heyday of the gold standard? However, learning to think critically about historical evidence is a skill that is fundamental in every occupation: a stockbroker picking a stock, a marketing executive planning a campaign, a physician determining a diagnosis, a student preparing for a final exam – all have to think about the "lessons of history." Page 1 of 6
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Text : The text is Walton and Rockoff: History of the American Economy , Eleventh Edition. I think the eleventh edition is a significant improvement over previous editions and this is the one you should use. There are a many changes, both large and small, from earlier editions. But I don't have an official list of changes.
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