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kbs interview questions

kbs interview questions - KBS ...

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KBS <Masterpiece Scandal> Producer: Song, Young Suk/ Writers : Kim, Na Kyoung and Lee, Su Jung(Sarah Lee) The Wizard of Oz as a political novel : Interview Questions Date: 13, April, 2011 at 1 pm. Place: Professor.Hugh Rockoff’s office -Professor. Hugh Rockoff, Department of Economics of Rutgers University 1. Many scholars have analyzed that The Wizard of Oz contains various kinds of symbols on criticizing 19 th American monetary policy. What is the reason and grounds? It is a theory. But it works really well. As soon as you are aware of the idea you find more and more parallels. 2. Did Frank Baum write The Wizard of Oz intentionally?( which mean, criticizing 19 th American monetary policy and politician’s behavior under his intention?) I doubt that the whole thing was a conscious detailed analogy. I think that some of the jokes that are strewn through it, are conscious. But I believe that art is shaped by the unconscious as well as conscious calculation. 3. Did Frank Baum say that he intended to put symbols into The Wizard of oz? As far as I know he never suggested such a thing. 1
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4. Please explain about the symbols and allegories in The Wizard of Oz (For example, Dorothy as American value, scarecrow as a famer, bin woodcutter as a worker, etc..) The story is (if the analogy is right) about William Jennings Bryan and the Populist uprising. Here is a poem about Bryan that captured the spirit of the times.
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kbs interview questions - KBS ...

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