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Reading Questions. American Economic History, Fall 2011. As you read the chapters in the text you will want to keep the following questions in mind. Some of these questions are about the main themes of the chapter. Others are about specific details in order to force you to do a lot of reading and thinking to find the right answer. What is the point? You will learn a lot, I believe, by coming to class and taking notes. But it is helpful to read about American economic history, and thus to take in the information through a different channel. It’s the Sesame Street approach: First sing a song about the number 3, and then do the dance. And, reading and looking for information is a skill that most of you have not yet perfected. Could some of these questions turn up on an exam? Yes, you can depend upon it. Some or all of these questions will be on the exams. If you email me, will I tell you the answer? No! If I did, half the class would have the answer in the time it takes to click the mouse, and then the point of the exercise, to get you to read the chapter, would be lost. Hint 1. When you find the answer you will recognize it immediately because the question is usually a close paraphrase of something in the text. Hint 2. Be sure to look at all the pictures and charts in the text and read the captions. The reading questions are below the assignment. Prof. Hugh Rockoff NJ Hall 209C E-mail: [email protected] (This is the best way to reach me) Homepage: Office Hours: 4:00-5:00 Tuesday and Friday, or by appointment Sakai: for syllabus, announcements, etc. Good luck. You are about to begin reading one of the most important and clearly written textbooks ever written by a citizen of the United States ! Class Meeting, Date Topic of Lecture Chapters and pages in the text (If no pages are shown you are responsible for the entire chapter.) Page 1 of 8
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1. Friday, September 2 The American Economy in Historical Perspective 1 : all. Skim this chapter to get a general sense of the long-term growth
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ReadingQuestionsFall2011 - Reading Questions American...

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